Ann & Joe E. Brown in “Bright Lights”

Year of Ann Dvorak: Day 210


Yesterday marked what would have been Joe E. Brown’s 122nd birthday. As a belated commemoration, here is an adorable photo of Ann Dvorak and Brown as Joe & Fay Wilson in 1935’s Bright Lights.

(I’m still proofing the book, so I am taking the easy way today.)


  1. Scott July 29, 2013

    Hey, we gave a shout out to Aline MacMahon yesterday. How about another one to Joe E. Brown today?

    The photo above is, indeed, an excellent one. And shows two talented performers who, unknown to each of them at that time, would find their lives changed by a future world conflict.

    During World War 2, Joe (upon the death of his Army son in an airplane crash) spent countless hours on the road in remote locations entertaining troops, mostly in hospitals. And frequently at his own expense. He was known for bringing back piles of letters from the GI’s and making sure they were delivered to the Post Office upon his return. He was a staple at the Hollywood Canteen throughout the war. He also adopted two refugee children. By all accounts, a genuinely good guy.

    I believe there is a book coming out in the Fall which will provide details of Ann’s service in that conflict?

  2. admin July 29, 2013

    Yeah, there may be a word or two about that. 😉

  3. artman2112 July 30, 2013

    thats my fave Joe E Brown film! it was a great showcase for his talents and he stayed away from that “Arrogant Oakie” persona that gets on my nerves! it doesnt hurt that Patricia Ellis wears that most amazing of all amazing black dresses in that film either O_O

  4. admin July 30, 2013

    I know what I have to do to get you to comment here, Paulie.

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