Ann Dvorak’s Los Angeles, Pt. 20 – 1235 5th Street, Santa Monica

Year of Ann Dvorak: Day 355

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And now we have arrived at the 20th and final post of Ann Dvorak’s Los Angeles. Once upon a time there was an unassuming multi-housing building at 1235 5th St in the city of Santa Monica. It was there in the late 1950s that former silent film actress Anna Lehr retreated after being kicked out of her Malibu home by her son-in-law, Nicholas Wade. The move caused a schism between Lehr and her daughter Ann Dvorak, and the pair would become estranged for well over a decade.

In the late 1960s, Ann Dvorak would seek refuge in the small unit while she attempted to leave her abusive husband permanently. It didn’t quite work out at the time. When Dvorak came back to Santa Monica from Hawaii in 1973 to care for Lehr, who was dying of cancer, Ann finally removed herself from the often troubled marriage. Lehr passed away in early 1974 and Ann remained at 1235 5th Street until Nicholas Wade died the following year, at which time she moved back to Hawaii.

1235 5th Street no longer remains, which is just as well since much like the Malibu properties discussed yesterday, Santa Monica didn’t represent the happiest time in Ann Dvorak’s life.

And that happy note concludes Ann Dvorak’s Los Angeles.

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  1. Scott December 21, 2013

    Farewell, ‘Ann Dvorak’s Los Angeles’. You will be missed.

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