Ann Dvorak Pops Up in the Darnedest Places: The Photo Archive I Oversee


Yeah, I’m supposed to be giving myself a break from the blogging, but this latest development is too exciting (well, it’s exciting for me) not to share.

I have been overseeing the photo collection of the Los Angeles Public Library for almost five years. I thought I had turned over every stone looking for images of Ann, but apparently not. While looking for something unrelated I came across two photos of the “living billboard” that was erected on June 18, 1929 at the corner of Wilshire & Shatto by MGM to promote The Hollywood Revue of 1929. Those of you who have a copy of Ann Dvorak: Hollywood’s Forgotten Rebel will recognize this because there is a closer photo of the bizarre set-up in the book. You’ll have to take my work that Ann is on the first “O” in HOLLYWOOD.



I was so excited to find these in the online collection that I went to pull the hard copy and low and behold found the top photo in the folder! The focal point of the image is supposed to be Sir Jagajit Singh of India who was visiting (at least that’s the description on the photo), but look who is right there in the middle! That’s right, our beloved Ann Dvorak is right there. This was taken on the set of The Woman Racket (1930), so we also have Blanche Sweet in white and Sally Starr in black next to Ann-D.

It sure doesn’t take much to please me! Happy Sunday.

(All three photos are from the Los Angeles Public Library/Security Pacific National Bank Collection) 


  1. DickP January 6, 2014

    It’s blogs like today’s post that makes this site something very special…not just to the Ann Dvorak fans but for those that find movies from that bygone era so fascinating. I started making your site a daily “has to” when I was trying to find any possible information about my Mom’s life in those early times (they were friends at MGM), and I’ve been hooked coming here since and glad of it.

    When you first announced your goal of a blog a day it seemed a bit over the edge – well, actually WAY, WAY over the edge when considering this meant 365 episodes. But you did it and I, and all your other fans (yes, Ann Dvorak is not the only person to have fans), are so very glad you accomplished the feat.

    Sorry, this is my first comment for nearly two months (medical reasons) and I hope you give us more insights into Ann Dvorak along with Ann’s other friend’s when you have the time. It’s been so great.

  2. admin January 8, 2014

    Thanks Dick, I really appreciate all of your encouragement along with your contributions to the book! I hope 2014 brings you peace and great health.

    And yes, committing to blog everyday WAS way over the edge!

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