Ann Dvorak & Max Factor

Year of Ann Dvorak: Day 362


In the waning days of the Year of Ann Dvorak, I am really digging into the vaults for content.


Here are scans of four 8×10″ negatives of make-up man Max Factor applying product to our darling Ann. She was used on a handful of ads to endorse his products, though I would imagine it was a stipulation of her Warner Bros. contract rather than anything she received side money for.


Since she’s wearing an outfit from Three on a Match in these photos, I am assuming these were shot during the production of that film. That would place these around May/June of 1932, right before she walked out on her contract for that honeymoon we have talked about so often here.



Isn’t our girl just stunning in the capable hands of Mr. Factor?


  1. Mike December 28, 2013

    “our darling ann” is indeed stunning.

    I was reminded upon watching “Stage Door” last month, that another actress who sometimes reminds me of Ann is Andrea Leeds. I see the resemblance in the third photo above. And there’s another Ann profile shot you’ve posted a couple of times where I see it. Unlike Ann, I believe Andrea was actually a Goldwyn Girl, or at least under contract to him.

  2. Scott December 28, 2013

    Just like that Vivian Revere … sitting down for a make-up application while, no doubt, leaving her young son at home to make do on a plate of stale Hors d’oeuvres!

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