Ann Dvorak Dressed Like a Bird in “Sweet Music,” Now Available on the Internet Archive

Apparently Sweet Music is in the public domain because it is current up on the Internet Archive for viewing (with a TCM logo appearing periodically). This 1935 Warner Bros. musical, directed by Alfred Green and starring Rudy Valle was a personal favorite of Ann’s and one she lobbied hard to get cast in. Between 1932-1934 Ann had done heavy duty dramas or quickie programmers and was anxious to get back to her musical roots from her days as an MGM chorus girl. Having missed out on films like 42nd Street and Footlight Parade because she was playing hooky in Europe with Leslie Fenton, Ann no doubt felt like she had missed out.

The film is certainly higher budget than most of Ann’s Warner Bros. titles and while it’s not as high calibur as the previously mentioned musicals, it has its moments. Plus, a supporting cast featuring Alice White, Allen Jenkins, and Ned Sparks is always delightful, not to mention appearances by torch singer Helen Morgan and Al Shean, uncle of the Marx Brothers.

If for no other reason,  Sweet Music is worth watching to see Ann Dvorak hoofing around in a ridiculous bird-like outfit. If you can’t contain yourself, fast forward to 16:18 for a dose of Dvorak bliss.


  1. DickP November 10, 2014

    I just checked in at Internet Archive and they do not show the movie under the movie name, nor Ann’s name, or Rudy Vallee’s name. I don’t need the movie as I already have a good DVD of the flick; but was curious why I hadn’t seen it listed under Ann’s name in searches in the past.

    The answer probably is that they recognize your celebrity status regarding anything Ann Dvorak, therefore granting you special privilege in their storage. Right? Wrong? Maybe?

    Oh, and how can you say those nasty things about the wonderful “Bird Outfit” she wears in the movie? If you were offered an exact duplicate to wear at your next lecture on Ann, I suspect that you might jump at the chance to wear this remarkable attire. I’ll bet that Louse Brooks would have died to have the chance look so elegant. Remember, Jealousy is a Terrible Thing! Tsk, tsk….

  2. DickP November 10, 2014

    Whoa…Hold the phone!! I just went back and did another search and this time it was listed as the second entry under Ann’s name. Wow, you certainly straightened that website out quickly!!

  3. admin November 10, 2014

    Dick, I assure you I would never wear that bird outfit for many, many reasons. 😀

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