Ann Dvorak as Gert in “Our Very Own”

Year of Ann Dvorak: Day 268


This photo was a recent eBay purchase that I am simply nutty about (esp since it was dirt cheap). We’ve discussed Our Very Own  before, where Ann plays “Gert,” a working class woman whose past catches up to her when the child she gave up for adoption (Ann Blyth) shows up as a teenager. Ann’s role is small, but stands out and it is one of the more memorable performances of her career. One of the major downsides to such a small supporting role is that Ann does not appear on any of the posters or lobby cards, and in very few photos. So, while many would bypass this less than glamorous image of Ann, for me it’s an absolute gem.

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  1. Mike September 25, 2013

    Agree completely about the photo. Ann’s premature retirement deprived us of some quality supporting roles in both films and the then burgeoning medium of television.

    After watching this scene (love the peak thru the window we get in the pix), I felt like opening up the doors/windows at home to let in some fresh air. If this night was typical of the card parties at Gert’s place, the risk of lung cancer in the future was extrememly high for all participants.

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