A Tour of Ann Dvorak’s House

It’s been almost a year since I got married at Ann Dvorak’s house and since I am feeling a bit sentimental, I thought I would share a few wedding photos and give some background on the property.

Ann Dvorak and her husband, Leslie Fenton, purchased the property in the San Fernando Valley in 1934. Originally a 50 acre walnut ranch, the Fenton’s built a fairly modest home in the middle of the land along with servants quarters, horse stables, a pool house, and a greenhouse. The house and grounds were embellished with European imports and tiles by a local manufacturer called D&M.

Ann and Leslie lived on the ranch for ten years and made a substantial annual profit harvesting walnuts. When the Fentons split up in the fall of 1944, the home was put on the market and sold to crooner Andy Russell and his bride, Della. The Russells lived on the property until 1954 after having sold off the bulk of the acreage in the late 1940s. A music editor at Disney was the third owner of the Dvorak property who sold it to the current owner in 1959.

Ann was photographed on the property quite a bit and you can take a look at some pics on the Candids Page.

Here are a few shots of the wedding which give an idea of how amazing Ann’s home on the ranch is.

  • Reception area.
  • Gates leading into the courtyard.
  • The handsome groom.
  • The band in front of the former cow stable.
  • Detail of the greenhouse.
  • Ann's greenhouse.
  • Detail of the house.
  • Officiant Charles Phoenix with the happy couple.
  • Posing on a mini bridge.
  • Mugging at the end of the pool.
  • Posing on the diving board.
  • In front of house and fountain.
  • In front of the greenhouse.
  • Walkway in between the pool and reception area.
  • Bridesman Darin shares a bit of history with officiant Charles Phoenix.
  • Detail of the house.
  • In front of the greenhouse just before the ceremony.
  • Shot of the driveway, facing the street.
  • Posing with the entrance gate.
  • The former garage.
  • The pool before the ceremony.
  • All the centerpieces were photos of actresses dressed as brides.
  • Ceremony in progress.
  • Just finished the ceremony.
  • With a wishing well supposedly imported from Sicily.
  • At the reception.

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