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Random Ann Dvorak Collectible – Arcade Card

Year of Ann Dvorak: Day 274

2013-09-30 21.36.04

My Ann Dvorak collection could probably be described as substantial. It mainly consists of photos, lobby cards, and posters, but I’ve also picked up a few odd ball items over the years. I think this is one of the more unique pieces.

2013-09-30 21.37.10

This card would have come out of machine at an arcade or some other place of amusement. I’m not sure if it would have been a machine with an animatronic fortune teller lady, like in the movie Big – but I sure hope so. On one side is a portrait of our Divine Ms. D and some biographical information. If that weren’t enough excitement, on the other side is a lengthy fortune stating the cardholder cares for all that is not abused and trampled upon by others.

Is there anything as cool as 1930s movie memorabilia?