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Ann Turns 10! (And I forgot to blog about The Crowd Roars being on TCM yesterday)


I don’t remember exactly what day it was, but I do know it was sometime in November 2002 that I first launched this website. Back then it was a pretty hokey deal that I had put together using Microsoft FrontPage. The font was Georgia and the background color was Thistle, two touches I was quite proud of. I somehow managed to get the thing up online all by myself, which I felt was most impressive. At the time I was single, in grad school working on my MLIS, thin, and had just begun researching Ann’s life in earnest. Now, ten years later, I am a wife and mother, I oversee the photo collection at the Los Angeles Public Library, I’m a cancer survivor who is not quite as thin as I used to be, and have finally finished writing the Ann Dvorak biography. In other words, it’s been one hell of a decade! Thanks to all of you who have hung with me over the past ten years. The book is just around the corner.

Also, The Crowd Roars was on TCM yesterday and was totally off my radar, so my apologies if anyone actually relies on me for news about Dvorak film airings. However, the Warner Archive has it on sale right now for 30% off plus free shipping, so what are you waiting for?

Ann Dvorak Makes a Cameo in Today’s Los Angeles Times

Today’s issue of the Los Angeles Times features a review of the new book, The Entertainer: Movies, Magic and My Father’s Twentieth Century, by Margaret Talbot, daughter of actor Lyle Talbot. Low and behold, the image used to illustrate the review both online and in print is one of Lyle and Ann Dvorak from 1934’s Murder in the Clouds. Ann and Lyle were frequently cast opposite each other, so in my mind’s eye this is completely appropriate. However, considering that Talbot also appeared opposite the likes of Bette Davis and Carole Lombard, it is kind of amazing they would go with a photo of Ann.  Good for you, L.A. Times!

The book itself is due out on November 8th. Margaret Talbot is on staff at the New Yorker and gave a preview last month in an article titled The Screen Test, which indicates the The Entertainer is more than just a straight biography on Lyle Talbot, but is also a glimpse of a bygone era through the eyes of someone is lived it . For those in the Los Angeles area, the author will be doing a signing at Book Soup on November 17th. I’ve already booked the babysitter for that afternoon!