Monthly Archives: November 2007

Welcome to the New Site!

I launched my Ann Dvorak tribute site in November 2002. After five years, I decided it was time to give the site a face-lift. All the old content is still here with some extras. The new format is much easier to work with and I will be able to update it on a regular basis. I will also be able to post news updates (because there is so much news on Ann Dvorak) and spotlight items in my collection. I fully acknowledge that the watermarks on the photos are pretty obnoxious, but after seeing cheap copies of my pics being sold on eBay and used on other sites without credit, I was a bit irritated.

The biggest news in the world of Ann Dvorak is that Three on a Match will be released March 4th on DVD. It is included in Volume 2 of the TCM Archives Forbidden Hollywood Collection, which will also have The Divorce, A Free Soul, Night Nurse and Female. All these movies are pretty great and Three on a Match is the reason I became and Ann Dvorak fan, so I am really looking forward to it.

The big news in my life is that I got married last month, and the ceremony/reception was held at Ann’s San Fernando Valley ranch home. Ann and husband Leslie Fenton built the place in 1934 in the middle of what was once a 30+ acre walnut ranch. The land was subdivided in the late 1940s, but her house and some of the grounds are still intact. Perfect day, perfect place, perfect guy. We posted 14 of the 600 photos here.

Again, I hope you enjoy the new layout. Let me know what you think.