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Ann Dvorak Lecture Now Available to View

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

Year of Ann Dvorak: Day 352

A few weeks back I did my first ever Ann Dvorak lecture for the Los Angeles Visionaries Association (LAVA). The fine folks with LAVA recorded the whole thing and have now posted it on YouTube and their website.

Even though I was wearing two pairs of Spanx that day, I cannot bring myself to watch it so I hope the quality is ok. The content is rough in a few spots and I will be making some adjustments, but otherwise this will probably be my standard talk about Ann and the book.

If you’re willing to sit in front of your computer for the next hour or so, I hope you enjoy it!

“Private Affairs of Bel Ami” on DVD & Blu-ray in 2014

Saturday, December 14th, 2013

Year of Ann Dvorak: Day 348

This week, Olive Films announced a roster of titles it has acquired and will be releasing on DVD and blu-ray in 2014. Among the films is Private Affairs of Bel Ami starring George Sanders and Angela Lansbury along with our dear Ann Dvorak. This is one of my personal favorite Ann-D films and probably my top post-War movie. An actual release date has not been confirmed and the list that’s been making the rounds on the message boards lists the title as Private Life of Bel Ami, but as long as the print is good they can call it anything they want!

The full list of titles can be viewed here. 

“Bright Lights” on TCM, L.A. Times Love, and Remembering Ann’s Wartime Service

Monday, November 11th, 2013

Year of Ann Dvorak: Day 315

Dvorak 16.2

There is much news to report today so here’s the rundown.

Bright Lights in going to air on Turner Classic Movies on Tuesday November 12th at 3:45am PST. One day, TCM will screen an Ann Dvorak movie after sunrise. Until then, I recommend trying to catch this 1935 feature starring Ann and Joe E. Brown which doesn’t air too often. It’s a fun film and the pair have great chemistry as husband and wife. Hopefully there’s a Warner Archive release in our future. (You listening Warner Archive??)

This morning’s Los Angeles Times features a nice little promo for the book and launch party. Special thanks to Susan King for getting Ann some coverage.

Just a reminder that tomorrow is the Ann Dvorak: Hollywood’s Forgotten Rebel Official Book Launch Party! As soon as I post this, I will be heading to the kitchen to prepare Ann Dvorak fudge and pralines. 

Finally, on this Veterans Day holiday, I wanted to make note of Ann’s contribution to the war effort. Not too many of us would have so willingly traveled through hostile waters as civilians during Christmas of 1940 to get to a London being bombarded in the midst of the Blitz. Ann Dvorak did just that, and spent nearly three years in the UK. One of her many contributions was as a member of the Mechanised Transport Corps (MTC) where she drove an ambulance though a war-torn city, rescuing the wounded after air raids. Above is a photo of our gal in her MTC uniform, a true veteran.


All About Ann Dvorak Over at “Dear Old Hollywood”

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

Year of Ann Dvorak: Day 302

Do you ever watch a movie filmed on location somewhere and wonder, “gee, I wonder where they shot that?” I do that frequently, and will sometimes even take the step of searching the web to see if someone has taken the time to figure it out. Fortunately, there are people like Robby Cress over at the Dear Old Hollywood blog who not only digs up the info on specific locations, but also take the time to share it with us.  Robby, not only posts his findings on the blog, but illustrates them with then & now images and additional background info. And I thought blogging about Ann Dvorak took a lot of effort!

Robby was kind enough to give me and Ann Dvorak some major real estate over at Dear Old Hollywood this week, and he even cleverly found a way to indulge my love of Ann AND Los Angeles. So, go take a look at the interview but stick around for the marvelous location posts including one on the 1933 Dvorak feature College Coach.

Random Dvorak Photo: Ann & Fudge

Friday, July 5th, 2013

Year of Ann Dvorak: Day 186


This photo of Ann dishing up a plate of fudge accompanied her recipe for the dessert in one of the film fan magazines. I seriously doubt Ann made this fudge herself and I equally doubt she had a recipe she was dying to share with the masses.

Ann jeopardized her career with Warner Bros. so early on, that the studio PR machine didn’t spend too much time on her. The rare cases when she engaged in this type of publicity seem rather ridiculous. Still, it’s a also fun, so fudge to you!

“A Life of Her Own” on DVD

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

Year of Ann Dvorak: Day 149

Life of Her Own

I have spent years extolling the virtues of Ann’s abbreviated performance in A Life of Her Own. Now you can see for yourself, courtesy of the Warner Archive. The 1950 M-G-M melodrama starring Lana Turner and directed by George Cukor came at the end of Ann’s career, and is arguably the one she deserved an Oscar nod for. She clocks in at around 10 minutes of screen time, but dominates the entire film as a washed-up fashion model who serves as an omen for Lana who is the new kid on the block. Unfortunately, Ann exits the movie via a high-rise window pretty early on, and you may spend the rest of the movie hoping she survived the fall. I know that’s what I thought the one time I sat through the entire thing back in 1997.

A Life of Her Own really drives home just how powerful Ann could be onscreen when she had a director of Cukor’s caliber. However, the movie fell flat at the box office, and Cukor himself hated it, so Ann’s performance did not garner the attention it should have at the time. $18.95 may seem like a high price for 10 watchable minutes of a film, but Ann’s performance is so good that I think it’s worth paying $1.90 a minute to watch it.

One More Pic From the Ann Dvorak Personal Stash

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

Year of Ann Dvorak: Day 141


The past week has been so exhausting with all the revisions on the book, that I am taking the easy road one last day. Here’s another gorgeous shot of Ann from the 1932/33 honeymoon scrapbook.

Ann Passed Out in “Out of the Blue”

Sunday, April 21st, 2013

Year of Ann Dvorak: Day 111

Yesterday, we flew from Los Angeles to Chicago, then hopped in a rental and drove to the in-laws in Des Moines.

Here is a photo a Ann from Out of the Blue looking like I feel.

The Year of Ann Dvorak will get back on track tomorrow.