Ann Dvorak TV Show Now Available at the Internet Archive


Ann Dvorak did some limited television work in the early 1950s, some of which still exists. The Internet Archive recently posted one of these shows on their site which is free to view. “Close-Up” was part of an anthology series called The Silver Theatre though the program was later re-run under various titles. According to the description on the website, it was one of the earlier series to be filmed rather than performed live, a method looked upon as inferior, but that means it’s still around for us to take in.

“Close-Up” is not mind-blowing storytelling by any means, and Ann’s character is very similar to many of the stalwart wives/girlfriends she played at Warner Bros. But still, any Ann is good Ann and she even gets to share a brief reunion with Donald Woods who in 1936 played Perry Mason to her Della Street in Case of the Stuttering Bishop.

I first viewed this program around 9 years ago at the UCLA Film & Television Archive where I had to make an appointment and sit in a glass booth to view it. It’s amazing how many research leaps and strides have been made over the last decade because of online access. Just in case you missed this post from a couple years back, a handful of Ann’s films that have fallen into the public domain are also available through the Internet Archive.

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3 Responses to “Ann Dvorak TV Show Now Available at the Internet Archive”

  1. Vienna says:

    Thanks for the link to this rare Tv appearance of Ann. She looked lovely. Wish she had done more TV.

  2. admin says:

    My pleasure. One of these days, I’ll get off my butt and post the TV show I own.

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