“Love is a Racket” on DVD

Year of Ann Dvorak: Day 259


It’s been awhile since the Warner Archive has offered up any Ann Dvorak titles, so tomorrow’s release of Love is a Racket is a welcome one. It’s not exactly a showcase of Ann’s talents and she doesn’t have much screen times, but it’s watchable enough. Given the size of Ann’s role, one may be scratching their heads as to why she would receive second billing behind Douglas Fairbanks Jr., since Lee Tracy, Frances Dee and even Lyle Talbot (in his film debut) are featured much more prominently. That would be because at the time Warner Bros. was borrowing Ann from Howard Hughes and the high billing was a stipulation of the loan out. This tidbit may cause one to scratch their heads as to why WB would take the time to acquire Ann’s services and then cast her in something so minimal. For that I have no answer.

But hey – any Ann Dvorak is good Ann Dvorak, so enjoy Love is a Racket!

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