Christina Interviewed About Ann Dvorak Over At Immortal Ephemera

Year of Ann Dvorak: Day 286


Courtesy of Immortal Ephemera

The first of, hopefully, many interviews about Ann Dvorak: Hollywood’s Forgotten Rebel  has been posted over at the Immortal Ephemera website. Cliff Aliperti runs the site, along with a fantastic tribute site to Ann’s Three on a Match co-star Warren William. Cliff has been a strong supporter and promoter of the Ann Dvorak project for a very long time now, and was a sounding board for my whining during the two-month negotiations for Ann’s personal possessions earlier in the year. I am thrilled to be given so much real estate on Immortal Ephemera today and truly appreciate Cliff’s enthusiasm for this book. One of these days he’s going to dig up a piece of Dvorak memorabilia I don’t have that I can buy from him!

The full interview can be read here. 

Thanks Cliff!


  1. Cliff Aliperti October 13, 2013

    The pleasure is all mine, Christina! Thanks again for answering my questions in such thorough detail. Now let’s sell some books!

  2. Scott October 13, 2013

    Congratulations. I may be prejudiced, no doubt, but all that “real estate on the Immortal Ephemera” is highly deserved.

    You wonder how many other others will stumble across “Three On A Match” in the years to come and set themselves off on a similar voyage of discovery to find out more about that dark-haired, saucer-eyed actress who blows co-stars Joan Blondell and Bette Davis completely out of the water in that somewhat obscure 1932 film. Like it did for you. And me.

    And a thank-you for pointing out that outstanding Warren William site. A real underrated performer. Loved him in “Gold Diggers Of 1933”. (“Peabody, you disgust me!”)

  3. Mike October 13, 2013

    A very enjoyable interview.

    Here’s hoping that Ann’s author eventually gets ahold of that poster/lobby card for Molly Louvain.

    My two favorite musical scenes from the first half of the 30s – Claudette/Miriam singing “Jazz Up Your Lingerie” and Ann at the piano on “Penthouse Serenade”.

    Less than a month to go!

  4. unmink October 13, 2013

    Wonderful interview! I enjoyed it immensely! I look forward to having your book in my hands! 😀

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