“Case of the Stuttering Bishop” on TCM


Case of the Stuttering Bishop is going to air on Turner Classic Movies on Thursday, March 26th at 3:30pm PST

Not traveling to Hollywood for the Turner Classic Movies Film Festival? That’s ok because you can spend your afternoon with Ann Dvorak and Perry Mason! Case of the Stuttering Bishop pairs up Donald Woods as the beloved lawyer and Ann as his trusty assistant Della Street. It’s the only time Ann assumed the role, but she’s fun to watch and gives good banter. This one doesn’t get shown on TCM too often, so it’s worth checking out.

Also of note is that this was Ann Dvorak’s last film under her Warner Bros. contract. By the end of 1936, Jack Warner was so anxious to get rid of her, mainly due to a lawsuit against the studio that had dragged on for a good part of the year, that her last paycheck was ready and waiting when shooting on the film wrapped.  Oh Ann!


  1. Scott Brinson March 25, 2015

    When I saw the TCM guide for tomorrow a few minutes ago, I immediately came here and BOOYAH!!! You are ON it, lady lol! Gonna set my DVR; I bet she’ll be great as Della.

    Also thrilled to see the 8×10’s you scored for the store! $10 per print? A steal if you ask me!

    Continuted warm wishes,

  2. admin March 25, 2015

    Just because the book is done, doesn’t mean Ann’s no longer my gal! Enjoy the flick and thanks for checking in Scott!

  3. Scott Brinson March 26, 2015

    Of course & I just ordered Photo Style #1 – sooo classically 1940s!

  4. admin March 28, 2015

    Thanks Scott! I’m at TCM Film Fest all weekend, but will get Ann in the mail on Mon or Tues.

  5. mike March 29, 2015

    Hi Christina. Definitely want to know about the TCM weekend. Make sure a report is relayed.

    “Crooner” and “Stuttering Bishop” the most recent TCM screenings; the former was the first for me so prob enjoyed more, though I do like Ann as Della. But Barbara Hale is so entrenched in my brain as that character.

    Just finished reading James Ellroy’s “Perfidia”. Wow, after how he treats Ellen Drew, Bette Davis and others, hope he stays away from our beloved Ann! Tell him so if ya run into him at the library during his future LA research.

  6. admin March 29, 2015

    Full report on the way for a jam packed weekend!

    I Was an American Spy is going to be on TCM in April. It’s only been aired a couple of times and it’s a rare starring role for Ann, so keep an eye out!

    I think Ellroy has been in the library doing research, though I’ve never personally seen him.

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