“Molly Louvain” To Be Screened By the Toronto Film Society

Year of Ann Dvorak: Day 107

Strange Love of Molly Louvain1

The Toronto Film Society has announced the line up for a pre-Code weekend taking place May 10th – 12th at the Carlton Cinema in Ontario. On the bill for Sunday is The Strange Love of Molly Louvain which is a personal favorite of mine, co-starring Lee Tracy and Leslie Fenton (aka Mr. Ann Dvorak). Ontario is a bit too far from home, which is too bad because, wow – 24 films in three days + Ann Dvorak. What a weekend!

Full details on the Toronto Film Society’s pre-Code weekend can be found here.

Special thanks to Pre-Code.com for catching this.


  1. JVH April 17, 2013

    This is my co-favorite Ann movie, along with Abilene Town. I have no idea why, they just are.

  2. admin April 17, 2013

    I personally love Molly Louvain because it’s one of the few times Ann had the opportunity to carry a movie. She is also great in Abilene Town where her character had a stronger personality than usual. Ann herself was fond of Abilene Town.

  3. Scott April 17, 2013

    You’ve got to love Lee Tracy. He sort of personified the cynical, fast-talking, wise-cracking Pre-Code Hollywood. He was, seemingly, born to play the amoral, wiseguy reporter role he plays in this film; having played the primogenitor of such as Hildy Johnson in the original Broadway production of ‘The Front Page’ a few years earlier.

    ‘Love Is A Racket’, in which Ann again appears with Lee, was released after ‘Molly Louvain’. Any word on how the two of them got along?

  4. admin April 17, 2013

    Unfortunately, Molly Louvain & Love is a Racket were both such quickie films that I didn’t come across too much behind the scenes info. Except of course, Ann falling in love with Leslie Fenton on the set of Molly Louvain and eloping the day after she finished Love is a Racket. She was probably on cloud 9 during both those shoots and would have gotten along with anyone!

  5. Caren April 22, 2013

    Hey, was just doing a search on Ann Dvorak and came across your most interesting site. Thanks for mentioning our upcoming weekend! So looking forward to it myself and this will be the first time I’m seeing this film of Ann’s.

  6. admin April 22, 2013

    My pleasure. Looks like a great weekend, made even better by an Ann Dvorak flick. Enjoy Molly Louvain!

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